Office of the Future

Powered the region’s first AI-enabled building.

EVOTEQ is introducing the region’s first integrated Artificial Intelligence Platform PaaS-based (Platform as a Service) for the iconic new headquarters of bee’ah in Sharjah. Our project will set the global benchmark for smart sustainable offices, digitally transforming workplaces to become more streamlined and efficient. Equipped with intelligent edge systems, devices and software, our platform is designed to increase energy efficiency and worker productivity. The building will feature a virtual AI persona and voice-activated interface designed to operate hundreds of use cases. Through data learning the system will also be further improved upon, helping users locate available meeting spaces, book appointments, give directions, hail rides and support day-to-day tasks. Deploying sensors, smart security, facial recognitional and digital concierge will all help predict and meet needs – showing the immense value technology can create in our lives in a frictionless way. By leveraging the latest technology to provide state-of-the-art connected services, the new building will incorporate self-conscious technology that achieves real-time visibility across all services while reducing the carbon footprint of the building and improving operational efficiency and costs. The Office of the Future powered by EVOTEQ is the symbol of the UAE as a global leader in technology and one of the smartest buildings in the world.