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About Evoteq

Evoteq is a UAE-based Solutions Provider that champions technological innovations across the GCC.


By aligning with the latest next generation technologies, Evoteq invests in promising and innovative applications, and integrates them with existing platforms and services, with the help of its leading team of experts. These enhanced platforms deliver effective, positive and sustainable transformation of services, business performances and communities.


Evoteq is also actively engaged with key government agencies, to digitalize existing critical government services, to ensure measurable, seamless, swift, and error-free operations. By simplifying the work environment and enhancing customer experience, Evoteq unlocks the full potential of governments, enabling them to become more responsive, while consistently adding value.

Our Vision

To become the Middle East’s preferred next generation technology partner for transforming businesses & communities

Our Mission

  • To deliver high performance digital platforms and transformation solutions
  • To become future tech incubators
  • To bridge the gap between businesses, governments and citizens
  • To attract and nurture world-class talent

Our Values



With the rise of consumerism, supply chains are becoming more cost-oriented and less value-oriented, resulting in the rise of counterfeits, a rapid decline in product quality, and an increase in product shortages. To address these issues, Evoteq developed a revolutionary application that ensures product integrity in the global supply chain through the most advanced ‘track and trace’ solution ever developed. Bringing benefits to industries ranging from healthcare to FMCG, transportation, logistics and education, Smart Track uses the expertise of partners such as IBM and SAP, in compliance with GS1, to offer a one-of-kind solution that improves people’s lives.

Evoteq’s Smart Transport solution redefines the future of city management by leveraging Big Data, Internet of Things, blockchain technology, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is aimed at reducing environmental violations, providing smart services to private companies, controlling the use of heavy vehicles in internal and external roads, and generating sustainable economic growth. A world-class solution that is locally built, the Smart Transport platform is designed to reduce traffic violations, theft, irresponsible driver behavior, carbon emissions, congestion and road accidents. It will allow government agencies concerned with the management and control of vehicles to shift from cost centers to profit centers, as well as collate data to support expansion and city planning processes. In addition to ensuring effective reactions to public incidents, the Smart Transport solution will allow governments to reduce costs of vehicle maintenance, operation and fuel consumption; efficiently managing fleets and assets.

As the leading solutions provider in The Middle East, Evoteq enables digital transformation by deploying integrated platforms across a range of industries. With the support of world-class partners, Evoteq implements hybrid solutions such as cloud or on-premise enterprise resource planning, business process automation and CRM, intelligent financial management and accounting systems, consolidation and streamlining of core human resources (HR) and payroll processes, as well as intelligent sourcing solutions and networks for supplier management, strategic sourcing and other procurement needs.

Evoteq has made the office of the future a reality today. Using advanced technology from Microsoft and other automation partners, Evoteq is enabling offices to become smart and ensure smart experiences through different personas. Using a Smart Building Operating System, hosted on Microsoft Azure, these solutions will optimize business performance, enable sustainability goals, improve quality of the work environment, and optimize collaboration. Using artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning, Evoteq will act as a master solutions provider to develop an automated building management system. Using technology like facial recognition, the smart office interacts with people, facilitates seamless office functions through robotic assistance, and uses HVAC systems and Beacon technology to regulate the ambiance of the office environment and reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

Actual implementations

The Smart City Platform provides best practice Vehicle Tracking capabilities, advanced Route Optimization and sophisticated data analytics to deliver a solution that is powerful, usable and scalable for further expansions. The solution involves the installation of tracking devices in all cargo vehicles alongside the necessary sensors, and remote communication of the collected data to a Management Platform for monitoring and analytics. The platform will be accessible from within a purpose designed Operations Centre that will also house the Installation, Registration and Support capabilities. It will use Machine Learning for data analytics and utilize a SAP layer to guarantee its compatibility with the existing systems, while adding expertise from City Management platforms like INVIPO to provide a cutting-edge solution. The solution can be easily expanded to include Smart Parking, Blockchain Asset Management, Traffic Camera Video Analytics, Car Pooling, and Smart Traffic Intersections.

From sensors that track the routes of waste collection vehicles and measure weights of cargo fleet, to AI systems that track traffic violations, the Smart Transport platform performs effective tracking of different vehicles under the heavy and passenger categories. It uses smart cameras to monitor all vehicular movement, and assesses driver behavior, vehicle utilization, fuel consumption and carbon emissions. It can also optimize routes for dispatching services and conduct fault diagnosis for damaged vehicles. In addition to tracking, this unique platform can implement solutions in smart parking, efficient city lighting, predictive analysis and tracking of vehicles records.

1. SmartTrack for Pharma

Based on SAP’s Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP), and with the integration of IBM’s mobility and blockchain solutions, Evoteq has developed an advanced serialization and tracing system, Smart Track. The only system that is compliant with GS1 standards, Smart Track tracks healthcare products from manufacturers to consumers, at every point in the supply chain, ensuring safety, validation, and counterfeit prevention.


2. SmartTrack for other use cases

A transformative digital solution, Smart Track is a next-gen ‘track and trace system’ that offers unparalleled benefits to industries such as FMCG, tobacco, transport, education and others. Empowered by blockchain for maximum security and efficiency, Smart Track uses the ubiquitous GS-1 barcode as a base to simplify processing and fortify all strategic points of product distribution throughout the supply chain, bringing real tangible benefits to government officials, manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users alike.

Public Services

(Hybrid Digital Transformation on-prem and Cloud Solutions)

Evoteq’s hybrid ERP solution use intelligent technologies to help businesses grow, innovate, and optimize time and resources. Leveraging the intelligence of SAP and world-class cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure, this solution uses built-in machine learning, predictive analytics, and optimized processes to ensure business flexibility and system security. It also delivers data-driven insights to enable fast data processing and predict real-time outcomes.

Evoteq has partnered with global business software companies such as Bpm’online, Microsoft and SAP to develop intelligent business process automation and CRM platforms that accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations. These platforms use intelligent marketing to create personalized brand experiences and seamless end-to-end service, delivering exceptional customer experiences. In addition to revenue increase, Evoteq’s CRM platforms yield insights into new market opportunities, as well as techniques to improve productivity and sales.

Evoteq offers solutions in finance, intended at transforming financial management and improving financial operations through intelligent accounting systems. Our solutions support core ERP finance as well as advanced FP&A, compliance, cash management, and more, on premise or in the cloud. With the support of SAP and Microsoft, we improve the speed and accuracy of accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) processes; support smarter decision-making through collaborative financial planning and analysis (FP&A); simplify accounting for global operations; ensure greater control over corporate treasury; optimize cash forecasting and liquidity management; minimize financial risk and proactively manage employee spending.

Streamlining core human resources and payroll for business transformation, Evoteq’s solutions in HR provide information and services that add value for all stakeholders across the business. Our solutions are aimed at integrating core HR capabilities in a single location, streamlining processes, optimizing workforce costs, delivering business impact, and driving an agile, high-performance culture.

Evoteq taps into Dynamics 365’s Talent Core HR, Workday, or SAP SuccessFactors, to deliver these solutions.

Evoteq has developed intelligent sourcing solutions and networks for procurement processes, to improve the management of suppliers, manage performance and approval processes of supply chains, and monitor vendor and contract management with targeted spend analysis. These solutions increase profits with strategic sourcing and streamline procurement processes, in addition to reducing risk, ensuring greater visibility, and control over costs. These solutions are also aimed at automating approval flows, facilitating collaboration with suppliers, and providing live insights into services procurement and contingent workforce management.

Evoteq provides platforms for analytics and reporting, aimed at enhancing end-to-end decision-making for businesses. Using analytics to improve and support decision-making, these solutions enable organizations to achieve operational excellence at all tiers of business.

Evoteq and Sharjah Health Authority sign MoU to lead digital transformation of healthcare sector

Evoteq has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sharjah Health Authority (SHA), to collaborate on projects that facilitate the digital transformation of the healthcare sector in Sharjah. The agreement, whereby the SHA will seek to utilise Evoteq’s expertise in exploring the feasibility of digitally transforming its services, is intended at reforming the healthcare sector in the emirate by boosting productivity, quality and accessibility. The agreement was formalised through a signing ceremony which took place on the 27th of December, between H.E. Abdullah Ali Al Mehyan, Chairman of Sharjah Health Authority, and H.E. Khaled Al Huraimel, CEO of Evoteq.

Evoteq Partners with Sharjah Municipality to Implement GCC’s Largest Municipal Digitalization Project

Sharjah Municipality has announced its decision to deploy SAP’s advanced business solutions across all services, by forming a partnership with Evoteq for the implementation of these solutions. Through the announcement that was made at the GITEX Technology Week 2017 in Dubai, the Middle East will witness the activation of one of the most ambitious municipal digitalization projects to date, as all of Sharjah’s municipal services, including internal government services, as well as those which are public-serving, migrate to digital platforms. The Municipality has formed a partnership with Evoteq for this project, in recognition of the company’s capabilities in developing and implementing highly innovative and sophisticated software based solutions to issues affecting modern society.


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