Sharjah City Municipality Digital Transformation Project

Sharjah City Municipality’s digitization strategy was designed to enhance the customer experience and drive business efficiency across its operations. Sharjah City Municipality partnered with EVOTEQ to enable the largest municipal digitalization program in the region. After partnering with us, more than 500 commercial and public services offered by the municipality migrated to digital platforms. The project is designed to enhance customer experiences while optimizing efficiency through a unified digital platform. Employees will have real-time access to data from across operations to improve inter-department communication and operations while automating planning and processes. The scope encompasses automating over hundreds of business processes, providing online digital solutions and integrating with over 35 entities to streamline services and payments. As a result, contractors, companies, citizens, residents and government entities were connected and integrated, making Sharjah Municipality a single trusted center for public services across the emirate.